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Our students are improving the fabric of society

Through our C. Kyser Miree Center for Ethical Leadership, our students are leading the charge to improve their community. You can help by purchasing a shirt to support these projects.

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Support These Projects!

Below you'll find three projects from our Upper School Miree students that you can support by either purchasing a shirt or making a donation. Details for each project can be found below.

Built By These Students!

Altamont’s 6th grade math classes are taking part in an interdisciplinary project on running a nonprofit business. As part of the project, the 6th grade students are collaborating with Miree Center students Karen Raymundo-Vega, Sarah Patrick Barze and Riley Pierce, using their Miree projects as inspiration. The 6th graders designed and are selling T-shirts to raise funds for the three Miree projects. As part of the interdisciplinary unit, the students have worked on design with the co-director of a local nonprofit, learned about sales and marketing from a local art director and sales executive, collected and used information from a local t-shirt vendor to make decisions about pricing, and explored website design and design software with Altamont’s director of education technology.